The Custom Desk


Form follows function. This principle guides the PWD Studio design process– from spatial planning, to architectural drawings, to furniture selections. Furniture should function not only for its obvious intended purpose, but in a way that is tailored to the client’s life and lifestyle. 

The owner of this 18th-century Charleston residence is a Californian who works remotely when on the East Coast. To ensure his home-away-from-home had an exceptional office, the PWD Studio team created a space rife with custom details– paint color, mohair chair, leather sofa, and, of course, the custom fabricated desk.

The height-adjustable desk market has myriad commercial options, none of which seemed appropriate for a handsome home office in a centuries-old downtown Charleston home. The PWD Studio team devised a solution and designed a custom adjustable desk, which was executed by local custom furniture fabricator. The collaboration resulted in a fully functional piece complete with a walnut finish, walnut computer stand, custom accessories to hold writing instruments, and a hydraulic system that can be raised and lowered to accommodate preferences– minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

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Today, the client has two additional versions of the original desk– one located in his permanent California residence and the other in his Kiawah Island vacation home.

The desk is just one example of PWD Studio’s lifestyle-oriented design process, where functionality and aesthetic go hand in hand. And when there isn’t a product already out there to ensure this outcome– PWD Studio creates it.

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Historic Charleston Carriage House

Art History

A refined integration of past and present define the character of this circa 1790 Charleston single home.

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