Redfin: Colorful Homes and Historic Buildings: Discover Charleston Architecture and the Charleston Style Home

Image of colofrul homes in charleston, sc.

Redfin | October 2022

Redfin invited us to delve into the captivating architectural history of Charleston. Nestled within the splendid state of South Carolina, renowned for its captivating past, unique architectural designs, awe-inspiring coastal landscapes, and picturesque islands, Charleston shines as a true gem of the South. This remarkable city embodies the irresistible allure of the region, with its charming cobblestone streets, pastel-hued residences, and majestic historic edifices. Indeed, Charleston has rightfully earned its moniker as the "Holy City." Amidst the many enchanting aspects that contribute to Charleston's charm, the iconic homes emerge as significant symbols, shaping not only the city's architectural styles but also leaving their mark on the surrounding suburbs.

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