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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is your design process?

Our process varies based upon the scope of the project and the services we implement. A sample overview of our approach can be found here.

How do you work with third-party contractors and vendors?

We work with contractors, builders, architects, and any other third-party resource that may be assigned to the project. We also have the capability to manage the entirety of the project, including the architectural design. We have excellent relationships with many vendors that we work with regularly.

What PWD Studio team members will be working on my project?

As the Founder and Creative Director of the company, Patti Wilbourne provides strategic oversight on all projects. Once the scope of the project is determined, the client is paired with a specified team unique to their individual needs. This includes certified architectural designers, historic preservationists, interior designers, and other team members that can provide management in their respective areas of expertise.

Does PWD Studio work on projects outside of Charleston, SC?

Yes. From the mountains of North Carolina to the west coast valley, PWD Studio has the capability to provide services in a variety of geographic locations, domestic or international.