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Many assume that the result of a successful project is a beautiful home. And while that is certainly true, functionality is equally as important to ensure the long term enjoyment of any space– and functionality is, ultimately, lifestyle-driven. Lifestyle varies drastically from client to client, creating the need for a forward-thinking, solutions-driven approach to tailor a space to the homeowner’s individual needs. That approach is how PWD Studio delivered this beautiful, highly-functional home for a pair of busy oncologists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sporadic hours and high-stress situations are inevitable elements of an oncologist’s lifestyle, and PWD Studio designed each space in this home to mirror the efficiencies to which the homeowners are accustomed, while offering a retreat equally suited for unwinding or entertaining. What started as a straightforward kitchen remodel, the project scope shifted in the early days of the pandemic as increased time at home along with mounting pressures at work forced the clients to reevaluate their home’s basic functions.

This chic chef’s kitchen features a color palette chosen to alleviate visual distraction layered with nuanced points of interest throughout the space. The island boasts a thick, waterfall edge that is mimicked by the Bobo Intriguiging Objects bar stools positioned below.

The homeowners wanted their home to be a sanctuary—a place that not only met their needs but exceeded them, offering a peaceful buffer from the outside world. They also did not want another item on their personal to-do lists or a host of renovation disruptions. 

What was originally a suboptimal screened porch is now a bright living space. The room is anchored by the peacock blue sectional and original brick fireplace. Meanwhile, the occasional chairs create movement in an otherwise linear space.

To meet those ends, the homeowners enlisted PWD Studio’s architectural and interior design teams to reconfigure and rework existing square-footage, expanding the project’s scale to include numerous spaces tailored to their lifestyle. This meant delivering a chic chef’s kitchen as well as converting an underutilized screened porch into a casual year-round living room and transforming an inefficient kitchen-adjacent laundry room into a handsome bar, where the client could display his expansive liquor collection. 

This home bar offers a pop of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen area.

And with the original laundry room scrapped, PWD Studio turned an unused guest bedroom into a multipurpose laundry room and stylish home gym, creating discrete access to the gym through the revamped master closet and bathroom, which PWD Studio took from dated and dark to airy and spa-like.

This elegant master closet features custom cabinetry designed specifically for the client’s personal items, enhancing the ease of use.
A combined home gym and laundry room is located directly off the master closet through a discreet pocket door.
The ultimate relaxation space– complete with teakwood floors that are smartly removable for cleaning, a standalone tub, and a shower for two.

Renovations can be notoriously disruptive, but the PWD Studio team worked with the homeowners to create an efficient two phase project timeline to lessen everyday disruptions and minimize time in a rental home all while navigating a new landscape of material and labor delays. The end result is a personalized home as functional as it is beautiful. 

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Modern South Carolina Sunroom with steel windows

Out with the Olde

A chic chef’s kitchen, home gym, and spa-like master bathroom enhance the everyday, creating a space that is equally as efficient as it is beautiful.

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