Form follows function. This philosophy is the basis for PWD Studio’s approach, which considers all facets of our clients’ lifestyle– from how they live to how they want their spaces to feel. This vision is realized through the expertise of the PWD Studio team, who have developed and executed a comprehensive approach to manage the project’s entire process, regardless of scope.

Fabric and materials laid out on a table

Architectural Design

Working with expert designers, architects, and structural engineers, PWD Studio's architectural design process is suited for all design-build projects– from residential to commercial, new build to historic renovation. Our multi-faceted expertise allows us to oversee and execute the entire operation, ensuring the client's vision is realized.

An architectural drawing of a luxurious home's exterior

Interior Design

With the client at the forefront, PWD Studio's design approach focuses on expert spatial planning while allowing creativity and individual style to determine the aesthetic range. Established vendor relationships and innovative custom fabrications give us the tools needed to create unparalleled interior spaces with unique aesthetics and enduring function.

Wonderful bar area opens up into a sitting room flooded with natural light

Design Process

Phase 1: Discovery & Predesign

In the initial design meeting, PWD Studio gains a thorough understanding of the client’s story, vision, and project scope. The team gathers information on the space and determines how it should function to amplify the client’s living experience. A thorough understanding of the client’s objectives and key results inform the preliminary discussion on budget and project timeline.

Phase 2: Schematic Design

In this phase, PWD Studio begins the conceptual design of the project. Initial concepts are used to create preliminary plans, perspective sketches, and digital representations that provide visualizations of the project’s direction in terms of aesthetic and spatial functionality. A clear direction is established that will inform the substantive design process.

Phase 3: Design Development

This phase is a refinement of the schematic design, where the team completes design revisions that result in a detailed set of plans. Depending on the scope of the project, this could include architectural plans, 3D drawings, finish selections, and FF&E. The goal of this phase is to indicate a finished appearance and functional operation of the space and ensure there is a clear expectation of associated costs.

Phase 4: Documentation & Procurement

Architectural Design: Construction Documents & Procurement

Once the client is comfortable with all designs produced during design development, a set of construction documents is generated that consist of drawings and specification requirements. This leads to the procurement of all necessary materials and personnel required to complete the construction of the project.

Interior Design: FF&E Documents & Procurement

In this phase, PWD Studio procures associated cost estimates and lead times to execute design concepts. PWD Studio manages the purchasing of FF&E including but not limited to: appliances, plumbing, lighting, tile, furniture, rugs, window treatments, and accessories.

Phase 5: Project Management

This ongoing phase includes liaising between the client and all third parties assigned to the project. This may include the management of general contractors during construction, producing cost-effective solutions as problems arise, scheduling subcontractors, and communicating with vendors. It also includes frequent site visits and management of all FF&E deliveries and installations.

Phase 6: Installation & Completion

Towards the final stages of the project’s development, PWD Studio manages all delivery and installation of furnishings. This includes frequent site visits to manage delivery personnel and arrange products. The PWD Studio team is on site and readily available throughout the project, which culminates in welcoming you to your new space.