Exterior of a shingled house on Kiawah Island, framed by an ancient oak tree draped with Spanish moss.

Marsh House

Situated in the scenic landscapes of Kiawah, The Marsh House is PWD Studio's embodiment of coastal elegance, functionality, and family values. Designed for a Midwest family, this beachfront haven seamlessly merges moments of connection with relaxation. Despite challenges like space optimization and construction changes, PWD Studio's innovative solutions, such as a dedicated "zoom" office and expanded outdoor space, shine through. Unique touches like a custom leather ottoman and bunk beds, combined with sustainable choices, showcase the studio's commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.


Interior Design

Kitchen island view with four counter stools, illuminated by two rattan pendant lights, adjacent to the range.
Kitchen view overlooking the dining area, featuring warm wood chairs, a fiddle leaf fig plant, stone countertops, and cabinets adorned with gold hardware.
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Modern living room featuring four lounge chairs, a sofa, and a central fireplace flanked by two bookcases. The design is sleek with pops of color.
Interior design of a bedroom by PWD Studio, showcasing a harmonious blend of cream and beige tones. The room exudes an organic modern feel with natural textures and minimalist decor.
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Bedroom featuring a blue-patterned headboard, coordinating blue pillows, matching side tables with blue ceramic lamps, and art displayed above the bed.

Home office with a window, a desk optimized for Zoom meetings, and a design palette of organic textures and natural colors.
View of a serene pool overlooking the expansive Kiawah River.
Bunk room painted in a calming shade of blue.
Bunk room painted in a calming shade of blue.
Kids' bathroom featuring a trough sink and vibrant blue floor tiles
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Bathroom featuring an organically shaped round mirror, flanked by two sconces, positioned above a sink.
Shower adorned with zia round tiles complemented by matching cream tiles.
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Porch view highlighting indoor/outdoor living, with an outdoor fireplace and a seamless transition to the indoor living room.
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View of a pool accompanied by three chaise lounge chairs, inviting relaxation.


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A before and after of the kitchen
A before and after of the living room
A before and after of the kitchen and dining room
a before and after of the bedroom porch french doors
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